Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Нигилисты же хлопочут, / Чтоб мы сделались скотины

Орган деловых кругов не мог, разумеется, не отреагировать на разговорчики в строю:
Mr. Zuckerberg bestrides vast business numbers once dreamt of only by toothpaste and soft-drink makers. This reflects a new commercial demography in which the consumer is not someone who wants something necessary, but rather one who seeks to assert simply what he is. And the tool he uses in order to become nothing more or less than an efficient, interesting and socially prosperous primate is the Facebook page.
And when the counting houses work triple-time recording the riches from all this, it will be sweet comedy to remember that Mr. Zuckerberg became the richest primatologist in the world because he gave his customers nothing new, except the chance to be their old ape selves.

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