Monday, June 7, 2010

Investing 101

Scott Adams приветствовал выпуск новой версии флагмана умной телефонистики статьёй, подробно объясняющей далёким от техники читателям, почему сейчас (всё ещё) имеет смысл покупать акции компании Apple. Рекомендуем к тщательному изучению весь текст, а здесь приведём лишь его центральный тезис.
Recently I bought something called an iPhone. It drops calls so often that I no longer use it for audio conversations. It's too frustrating. And unlike my old BlackBerry days, I don't send e-mail on the iPhone because the on-screen keyboard is, as far as I can tell, an elaborate practical joke. I am, however, willing to respond to incoming text messages as long as they are in the form of yes-no questions and my answer are in the affirmative. In those cases I can simply type "k," the shorthand for OK, and I have trained my friends and family to accept L, J, O, or comma as meaning the same thing.
My point is that I hate Apple. I hate that I irrationally crave their products, I hate their emotional control over my entire family, I hate the time I waste trying to make iTunes work, I hate how they manipulate my desires, I hate their closed systems, I hate Steve Jobs's black turtlenecks, and I hate that they call their store employees Geniuses which, as far as I can tell, is actually true. My point is that I wish I had bought stock in Apple five years ago when I first started hating them. But I hate them more every day, which is a positive sign for investing, so I'll probably buy some shares.


  1. exellent poin. I should consider investing as I hate it as well:)

  2. Good luck!

    Учитывая умопомрачение, овладевшее массами населения, успех мероприятия, я думаю, практически обеспечен.

  3. the only sad part is that I could not buy just a phone any more. prym ne snay cho i delaty as I hate texting and internet connection impalnting in my rear end....

  4. Ну это мне всё же кажется преувеличением. Простой телефон приобрести всё ещё возможно - даже без контракта с одним из операторов (that is, prepaid).